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Welcome to our Babywearing Blog, check back here for regular updates all written by sling library consultant from our expert Carrying Consultant and designer Emily Williamson.

Here you will find advice, support and babywearing tips to help you make the most of your new baby or toddler carrier.

Carrying in the cold

Tuesday November 7th 2017 – By Emily Williamson 

It’s well and truly autumn and we’re all feeling it!  In or out of a sling, we’re having to think about what we dress our babies – and ourselves – in when we go out, and whether we’ll need any extra coverings or accessories.  So we’ve put together a few thoughts on Carrying in the Cold to help you out. Don’t let the changing weather put you off getting out!  Fresh air can be a miracle cure for a grizzly baby and helps to keep everyone healthier and happier.

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Your Babywearing Journey: Stage 4. Onwards and Upwards

Friday October 6th 2017 – By Emily Williamson 

Once your not-so-little one is walking you’ll still find that a sling or carrier can be a parenting essential.   They may be able to walk independently, but your child will not have the stamina to go very fast or far, or to get through a whole day without needing a nap.  Back carries are a great way for your toddler to see the world, but give those tired legs a rest while you can get moving at an adult pace!…

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Your Babywearing Journey: Stage 3. Getting Involved

Thursday October 5th 2017 – By Emily Williamson 

Ok, you’ve all made it past that frustrating 3-6 month stage and you’re out the other side. This is a very fun and exciting stage for you and your baby. They can (finally, hooray!) have a clear and increasingly predictable impact on the physical and social world around them…

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Your Babywearing Journey: Stage 2. Moving Forwards (and Sideways)

Wednesday October 4th 2017 – By Emily Williamson 

Wow! What a busy phase for development this is! We’re going to place more focus here as this stage can be a challenge for everyone involved. If the first months are for nurturing strong internal organs for independent breathing and digestion, these next few months really put your baby’s new internal powerhouse to work…

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Your Babywearing Journey: Stage 1. Arrival

Tuesday October 3rd 2017 – By Emily Williamson 

Most newborn babies love experiencing a feeling of safe containment that mimics the experience of being in the womb, and that Oxytocin-inducing skin-to-skin contact is hugely important during this time. Your baby will have minimal strength and control over their body and so will need full support for their head and spine…

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Your Babywearing Journey: Transitioning to being a family

Monday October 2nd 2017 – By Emily Williamson 

Being born isn’t an easy process (it’s called ‘labour’ for a reason!), but our bodies have some really clever tricks up their sleeves to help make it all easier. It’s all about the hormones! More accurately, one of the most important players is the hormone Oxytocin. The Oxytocin system is triggered during normal childbirth and breastfeeding, and through skin-to-skin and close physical contact…

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12 reasons why you may still need a carrier for your toddler

Wednesday September 27th 2017 – By Emily Williamson 

When my daughter was a toddler I used to get asked this sort of question quite a lot. And it’s understandable that people would wonder.  When I was first pregnant the idea of carrying or needing to carry such a large (and surely walking) child seemed rather silly and unnecessary. But then I had a baby of my own, who grew into a toddler, who turned 2…

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Choosing a Baby Carrier: How to find the right one for your family

Monday August 21st 2017 – By Emily Williamson 

With the right carrier you can carry your baby easily, safely and comfortably.  But with a bewildering range of options available, how do you know which sling or carrier is right for you? Before you start, remember that everyone is different!  What’s perfect for one family may be completely impractical for another…

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Natural Carrying Positioning

Monday June 19th 2017 – By Emily Williamson 

Even if we don’t choose to use a sling or carrier, we all carry our babies in our arms. The ways that we naturally carry our babies tend to be those that we find work best for us; whether because our baby feels better supported, or they seem more settled, or our arms get less tired.  Our bodies are lazy!…

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