Sling Libraries

Sling library and trade show event

What is a Sling Library?

Are you thinking of purchasing a carrier for your little one but unsure on which one to go for?  Do you already have a carrier and just need some reassurance that you’re using it correctly and safely?  A Sling Library allows you to go and try on a range of different slings, get support and ask questions. You can also hire a sling of your choice to see how it works for you and your baby.  For more tailored support and advice you could also visit a qualified Carrying Consultant.

Most Sling Libraries and Consultancies are run by independent enthusiasts, and they all operate in different ways, so check what carrying support services are available near you.  Search online or using our handy Sling Advice locator to find out where you can go to get carrying advice.

We love Sling Libraries

Izmi was the brainchild of Emily Williamson, mum of two and experienced Carrying Consultant. Emily founded the South London Sling Library herself, and understands first hand how useful it is for parents to be able to get good quality carrier advice and demonstrations. We want to make it easy for all parents to try our carriers out in person and be able to ask questions to help them make the most of their carrier or wrap.

We offer Sling Libraries a special discount scheme in order to make our baby carriers as accessible. If you run a sling library and would like to get some more information please send us an E-Mail at

Find your nearest Sling Advice Service

If you are interested in going along to a Sling Library or Carrying Consultant near you? Check out our handy Sling Advice locator, we are constantly updating our list of Sling Libraries and Carrying Consultants!  If you’re struggling getting out, some of our  Consultants offer home visits, and some Sling Libraries even offer postal hires.





*Please note – sessions at sling libraries are held sporadically throughout the year, some run every couple of weeks some run every month, the location of the meetups can also change. Always contact a sling library before visiting.