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5 Reasons to use a baby carrier for your baby’s naps

We see so many gorgeous photos of babies snuggled up and sleeping in their Izmi wrap or carrier.  We know that most babies love sleeping in slings.  We know that there are loads of you out there enjoying using your Izmi for your baby’s nap times.  But we still get lots of questions; “Is it ok if I let my baby sleep in the sling?”, and the worry “Will it create bad habits?”

So for Sleep Awareness Week we’re here to reassure you.  Yes, it is perfectly safe for your baby to sleep in their sling or carrier.  Yes, using your Izmi for daytime naps has many benefits for you and your baby.  And NO, using your sling for your baby’s nap times will NOT create bad habits later.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why we think using a carrier for naps is an awesome thing to do.

It helps your baby sleep for longer

Yes, it really can!  Research has shown that contact with their parent can help a newborn baby to sleep more quietly and for longer.  A well-rested baby will be calmer and more content than an over-tired one.  And a happier baby makes a happier parent too!

You can get stuff done!

Your baby is snugly snoozing in their carrier and you are free – both hands free in fact! – to get stuff done.  Even better, you’re not trapped by being in one place and can go anywhere you like without disturbing your baby’s rest. It’s amazing how much you can fit into to those precious naptime hours when you know your baby is safe and sound asleep.

It doesn’t create bad habits

In fact, allowing your baby to sleep in their carrier can be a really positive way to support your baby’s sleep development.  Research has shown that babies with positive sleep associations more easily develop healthy independent sleep habits when they are ready.  Basically, if going to sleep is a safe, reassuring, happy time for your baby when they’re little, then they’ll be more relaxed about going to sleep in their own bed when they’re older.

So, if being close to you in a wrap or carrier is what makes your baby’s naptimes happier times, then be reassured; there’s nothing wrong with doing it!

Your baby will still sleep at night

Ok so it’s important to remember that young babies are not programmed to sleep for long chunks of time; they do need to wake regularly (day and night) for feeding.  It is not normal for young children to be able to regularly sleep through the night until they are much older.  As your baby grows, they will naturally start to sleep more at night, and less during the day, regardless of where they sleep.

Arguably, using a sling for daytime naps can help a baby to tell the difference between long night sleeps (when it’s quiet and dark) and shorter day sleeps (when it’s busier and everyone else is getting on with things around them).

It’s safe

Providing that you are using your wrap, sling or carrier correctly and safely, then it is also safe for your baby to nap whilst being carried.  It is widely believed that babies under 6 months are at a reduced risk of SIDs (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) when they are close to their parents, day and night, while they sleep.  See our blog about Safe Sleep for more info.

If your baby simply loves falling asleep in their wrap or carrier, there’s no reason to stop them!

Happy babywearing!