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5 Reasons to Carry Your Baby

Every baby loves to be close to their mum and dad and every new parent knows the struggle of constantly carrying a baby in your arms and trying to get anything else done. But there is an easy solution that allows you to keep your baby close but leave your hands free… try using a baby carrier or wrap!

Baby carriers and wraps have been used for centuries to allow parents to get stuff done without leaving their baby alone, it is basic human survival, how else did parents work the land or fetch water and take their baby with them? This is a lesson from the past that fits perfectly into our busy modern lives so if you haven’t tried it yet, here are our top 5 reasons to carry your baby…

1. You can go anywhere!

Going off the beaten track? Navigating busy city streets? Exploring new horizons? Leave the buggy at home and use a baby carrier for complete flexibility over any terrain. If you can walk it then your baby can go with you, no worrying if the buggy suspension can handle the uneven ground, or pushing your baby through busy crowds and worrying if they will get a briefcase to the head. With a baby carrier, your little one is lifted up out of danger and close to you at all times. No baggage, no hassle, you can go anywhere with your baby, it is ultimate freedom.

2. Your baby will cry less!

One of our favourite reasons to carry your baby and a popular reason for baby wearing parents across the world is that babies tend to cry less when carried. It stands to reason that baby will be more contented if they are close to you, being soothed by the rocking motion of your movements, but you are also likely to be more in tune with their needs which means you can often satisfy them before baby begins to cry. Research has proven that babies who are carried close to the chest cry less, so a carried baby is a happy baby (most of the time!), what’s not to love?!

3. It is great for baby’s health & development!

Carrying your baby in a carrier or wrap puts them in a position that has many benefits for their health and development. The upright position aids healthy digestion and prevents flat head syndrome which can effect babies that lie down flat for extended periods, a properly fitted carrier is also beneficial for hip health and also helps to strengthen babies neck as an alternative to tummy time.

It is not just physical development that is aided by carrying your baby, it also helps improve social and cognitive development. Your baby can interact with the world and learn about the environment around them from the comfort and safety of staying close to you.

4. It releases happy hormones!

Possibly the best reason to carry your baby, it helps to beat the baby blues, fights post natal depression and helps you bond with your baby. This is the result of the hormone Oxytocin, commonly known as the happy hormone, which gets released when you hold your baby close to you and benefits both you and your baby. Carrying your baby reminds them of the feelings and movements they experienced in the womb and you are more likely to interact with them by stroking their feet, kissing their head and talking to them when they are in their carrier which helps to bring you even closer.

5. You can share the love!

Sometimes in those early days of parenting, it can feel like a lot of the burden is on mum, especially when breastfeeding, but a baby carrier or wrap can help dad, grandma, grandad, aunty, uncle, friend or anyone to share the load and bond with baby. The gentle movement of being in the carrier will help baby to feel relaxed even if they are with someone they don’t recognise, giving you a much needed break and a chance to relax and recuperate in peace. Often baby’s will fall asleep while being carried so you might even get the chance to have a nap while a willing accomplice takes them out for a walk for a while. Bliss!

Still not convinced?

If that wasn’t enough reasons to carry your baby then the most obvious benefit of all has to be that you are hands-free! Need to walk the dog? No problem. Dishes to wash? Job done. Want to make a sandwich? Easy peasy. Popping to the shops? Just clip on and go. Whatever you need to do with your day, you can do it all when you carry your baby because they are along for the ride, snug, safe and content by your side. But don’t just take our word for it…

A Mum shares her reasons to carry your baby…

“In the early days, being out in public with my newborn by myself would make me a bit anxious. The thought of a crying baby, nappies and potentially clothing to change plus feeding times were just a bit overwhelming. To make sure I had a change of scenery, I used to feed my little one just before leaving the house, pop him in my carrier, walk up to our local bus stop and go into the city centre. He would doze off to sleep on the walk up to the bus stop and remain asleep for the next couple of hours. I would time our trip perfectly to be home just as he’d need his next feed. This meant he was content, getting some shut-eye, plenty of cuddles and this gave me two or three hours to calmly browse the shops, sit for a quick coffee and a sandwich and then hop back on the bus. Because he’d be against me in the carrier, combined with the motion of me walking, he would stay asleep the entire time. Absolute bliss and made me feel like I was winning that day!” Kat.