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About Izmi

As a relatively new brand, we’re thrilled that Izmi is already so popular, and we’d like to help you get to know us better.  We believe that Izmi comes from a different place to other carrying products, and that we bring a different approach to our brand.  Here’s why.

Our Products

Our signature Izmi Baby Carrier is not like other carriers. It’s designed to look different, feel different, perform in a different way. Izmi is different. We can – and do – describe the Izmi Carrier as a hybrid between a wrap and a multi-position buckle carrier, but that doesn’t really do justice to what we’ve tried to achieve in the Izmi Carrier design.  We didn’t just mix up a wrap and a carrier.

When developing Izmi we took all the awesome benefits, comfort and infinite adjustability of traditional Woven Wraps (used by millions of parents all over the world and throughout history) and slowly distilled them into the smallest, easiest to use carrier product that we could create.  Over 8 years our developers have made and tried out literally hundreds of sling and carrier test samples, and we think the results show in our finished products.  For new parents the Izmi Carrier is intuitive and simple; for experienced Carrying Consultants it offers unlimited ‘tweakability’ to adjust the fit and feel to suit different families.

The Izmi Wrap is also inspired by Woven Wraps.  For new wrap users it’s super soft, comfortable and easy to use; for those more experienced our wrap design (the fabric properties, size and finishing) allows you to experiment with all sorts of creative tying methods.

So when you try an Izmi, don’t expect it to compare to other carriers. It doesn’t.  An Izmi is a product with a different personality, that comes from a different place.  Izmi is inspired by an open-minded passion to share something awesome with as many people as possible, and that’s what we want you to feel when you use one.

Carrying consultant designed

Izmi is the brainchild of Emily Williamson, mum of two and experienced Sling Librarian and Carrying Consultant and Trainer.  But what does that really mean?  How does this background make Izmi different?

Emily started using baby carriers with her first child 13 years ago.  She struggled to find a carrying product that worked well for her, and so – being a geeky, creative sort of person – researched alternatives.  By the time her second child was born she had bought or hand-sewn several more slings, wraps and carriers, and discovered how easy and comfortable babywearing could be.  As she used carriers and found how free and happy babywearing made her feel, she also became more fascinated in the mechanics of carriers.  She’d wonder what might make each one that bit more easy, or comfy, and she’d try making a new sling to test it out.  Designing, making and converting slings even became a side business as others asked her to sew carriers for them.

And her enthusiasm for babywearing didn’t stop there.  Soon she was sharing babywearing information and helping other parents to use all these different wraps and carriers too.  This passion to support other parents carrying quickly became a full-time job; 7 years ago she qualified as a Carrying Consultant and set up a busy Sling Library.  Emily has taught literally thousands of families to carry their babies and toddlers in all different ways, in all kinds of sling and carrier.  She has rented thousands of carriers, and heard families’ real-life experiences when they returned them.  She has trained other Babywearing Consultants, consulted for retailers and brands internationally, and is a regular speaker on babywearing.  Emily still works directly with parents, offering carrying advice and using hundreds of different wraps and carriers every week.  This means that she continues to hear all of the questions and concerns, and how parents are really experiencing the carrying products that they buy or try out.

And all of this feeds into Izmi.  We have a unique, deeply personal connection to the experience of carrying, making carriers, and to the experiences of the huge range of different parents, babies and professionals who use our products.  Izmi is born of a genuine passion to find ways to make life as a parent feel lighter and simpler, and to share that with as many people as possible.

We don’t believe that our products are the ‘best’

Yes, we really did just say that. We are passionate about making baby carrying easier, safer and more accessible for all families.  We deeply understand the huge, wide reaching benefits of babywearing and want to help as many people as possible to get confident, hands free and happy carrying their children.  That’s it.

We know that our products are designed to suit as many people and as many situations as possible, and we’re always working and listening to feedback to make sure that we’re constantly improving.  We’re confident that every family could find a place for an Izmi in their life.  But we also know that other products offer different things, and that for some people or some situations, those might work better.  So whether you feel that Izmi is the best carrier for you, or just great for a particular purpose or stage, or even if you choose to use a different type of sling entirely, we don’t care.

As long as we’re helping to demystify carrying, and help more and more parents to carry confidently and successfully, then we’re happy 

(And yes, we do also hope that the more people carrying, the more people will choose Izmi too!)

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