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Adjusting your Izmi Carrier Straps

As with all new things, practice makes perfect; the more you use your Izmi Carrier, the easier and quicker it gets! Designer and Carrying Consultant, Emily, gives tips on making some easy adjustments to your carrier to achieve the optimum fit.

Why do I need to adjust my Izmi Carrier straps?

To achieve the best support for you and your baby, your Izmi Carrier needs to be adjusted to hold your baby high and snugly against your torso. If your carrier is perfectly fitted to you and your baby, you may not need to tighten or loosen the straps each time you wear it- just clip the buckles and go!

However, many people find that – as with lacing your shoes – you can get a more supportive fit if you do adjust the straps each time you use the carrier. You may also be sharing the carrier with another adult who’s a different shape to you. Either way, it’s useful to know how to best adjust the straps for quick and easy use of your Izmi Carrier.

How do I adjust my Izmi Carrier straps?

The soft cotton straps are easily adjusted through the buckles, as shown in these video clips. There are two main adjusters (other than the waistband) that tighten and loosen the straps through the dual-adjustable side buckles.

The key is to always tighten the strap in the direction that it came from.

Tightening the Straps (forwards and backwards):

Loosening the Straps (forwards and backwards):

Again – for smooth adjustment – always adjust your straps in the same direction that the strap is following around your body.

What if it goes wrong?

If the Izmi Carrier straps have been pulled in an awkward direction, then they can occasionally become twisted. This won’t happen if you adjust in the direction of the strap as shown above.

How NOT to adjust your Izmi Straps:

If your Izmi Carrier straps are twisted then it can become harder for them to slide easily through the buckles.

To untwist the straps, loosen the strap as shown below, and unfold any bunching or twisting fabric until the strap lies flat in the buckle. If you have recently washed your carrier, you may find it’s helpful to iron the straps so that they are perfectly flat again.

Untwisting your Izmi straps:

More help

For a clear video on how to put on and adjust your Izmi Carrier to avoid any twisting straps, see this great YouTube post from South East Slings:

Or find your local Sling Support Service to get expert help in person: Where to Try


Happy Carrying!

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