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Autumn Adventures with Izmi

There are so many autumnal #IzmiAdventures to be had with your family as the trees change colours and the light turns golden, the cosiest jumpers come out of the cupboard and the food becomes sweet, rich and warming.

Babywearing takes the snuggliest season to the next level, giving you non-stop cuddles with your baby in their wrap or carrier. By keeping them close, you can have unlimited hugs with your hands free. That means you can spend more time with your toddler or older child, without compromising on time with your baby. Read on for our favourite ideas to make the best of a babywearing autumn.

Playing in the park

The weather might be getting colder but that’s no reason to stay indoors – autumn is a perfect time to get out into nature and soak up the best of the season. The reds, oranges and golds of the changing leaves transforms them into craft activities just waiting to happen! With baby securely in their carrier, you and your little one can go on the lookout for leaves, collecting a whole range of different shapes and sizes. These can be used for leaf printing with paints on cardboard or poster paper or to make autumn crowns. You’ll have both your hands free for foraging, sticking and hanging.

If you’re in the park or the woods, you can also appreciate all your senses for soaking up the season. Listen to the rustling leaves in the trees, crunch through the piles of the ones that have already fallen and splash in the puddles. With no pram to push, you can go even further off-road and into nature, seeing the season with new eyes as your toddler discovers it too.

For your autumn adventures, you’ll need to wrap up warm. If you’re wearing a big scarf or thick coat, remember to make sure that your baby is in view at all times when you’re babywearing. It’s a good idea to put your coat on first and then the carrier or sling so that they don’t get covered by the fabric. Their face needs to be clear of any fabric to keep them safe so don’t be tempted to bundle them up in your autumn layers, even if it feels like a snuggly thing to do!

Apple picking party

The arrival of autumn means new seasonal fruits and vegetables on offer too. It’s a chance to connect with nature in a different way, not lying out on the grass or swimming in the sea but going on a hedgerow hunt! You and your toddler can work together to seek out juicy blackberries and pick them for a pie. You could even try making blackberry art! Use the purple juices to squish onto paper or fabric and make different prints, you can even use the juice as a makeshift ink!

Not only are the hedgerows full of nuts and berries but the farms are too! Why not head to an open farm to pick-your-own apples or choose a pumpkin. With your baby in their Izmi carrier, they will stay snuggly and warm whilst the whole family gets involved, making the most of the best produce of the season.

Don’t forget, if you’re planning to be out for a long time – who can resist a tractor ride after all? – you’ll need to wrap your baby up warmly. They will benefit from the heat from your body but when the temperature drops and the autumn damp creeps in, you’ll need to give them extra layers too. In these cases, fleece layers work much better than padded onesies as they provide more warmth with less bulk. This is especially important when it comes to babywearing as you want to make sure that your baby’s airways are clear at all times. It also reduces the bulk so you can keep them in snug against your chest and fully supported by the carrier, just adjust it if you need to.

Autumn baking fun

Once you’re back inside the warmth of your home, the layers can come off and the baking can begin! Autumn is the perfect excuse for cinnamon-spiced everything and plenty of warming, comforting desserts. From pies to crumbles to cookies, there’s so many delicious things to bake at this time of year. Thanks to babywearing, you can spend time in the kitchen without having to worry about putting your baby down or going to check on them as they’ll be right there with you.

Babywearing isn’t suitable if you’re going to be working with hot liquids or oil but for scooping cookies or measuring ingredients, it’s ideal! Encouraging your toddler to help you in the kitchen is a really lovely activity for the two of you and teaches them valuable skills. They can help with mixing, adding the ingredients and decorating as some easy activities to get started. The beauty of an Izmi carrier is that it’s machine washable and quick drying so if you end up covered in flour or chocolate, you can put it straight in the wash and have it ready to use again in no time. This is a great rainy-day activity and with your baby in a carrier or wrap, it’s easy as pie!

Appreciate the best of Autumn

With your hands free, you and your family can enjoy all the best activities that autumn has to offer.  Relish in the changing seasons with plenty of seasonal activities, appreciating all the things you couldn’t do in the heat of summer. Babywearing is the ultimate way to make the most of this time of year, keeping your baby close and having plenty of opportunities to play with your toddler if you have one, or time hands-free to get on with your to-do list if you don’t.

Share your Autumn #IzmiAdventures with us, we would love to hear from you!