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Winter Baby Carrier – what you need to know

Could using your baby carrier in winter help fight SAD?

We all know the benefits of using a baby carrier for hands free bonding time with your baby while you get essential things done. Shopping, cooking, housework, socialising and just about any activity are made easier when you have a baby carrier, but could it also help fight depression?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) normally affects people during the winter months and is linked to a lack of sunlight which can stop a section of the brain called the hypothalamus from working properly. The hypothalamus is responsible for producing melatonin and serotonin which are hormones that control your mood, appetite and sleep. A lack of sunlight can cause your body to produce lower levels of these hormones which can lead to you feeling sleepy and is also linked to feelings of depression.

Get more sunlight and get fit with a baby carrier in winter

To guard against SAD and help to overcome it if you are already suffering, the NHS suggest getting as much sunlight as possible, exercising regularly and managing your stress levels, all of which can also help fight post-natal depression too. “Great!” I hear you say, but how do I do all those things with a baby in tow? The answer is… with a baby carrier!

Walking is one of the most effective forms of exercise for fighting depression, get out in the fresh air and go for a walk with your baby carrier in winter and you will reap the benefits.

Benefits for you AND your baby

Not only will you be getting more sunlight to help fight SAD but your baby will also benefit. Sunlight is essential to guard against jaundice and taking them out in the baby carrier in winter will help them get some much needed vitamin D (newborns should never be put in direct sunlight outside because their skin is too sensitive and can easily burn in a very short space of time).

Your baby will love being close to you in their baby carrier in winter, your shared body heat will help keep you both warm and you may find they take a nap which will give you a well-earned break so you can enjoy some ‘me’ time while you walk.

Get sociable with your baby carrier in winter

Arrange to see some friends and go for a walk together for even more depression beating endorphins. Laughing with friends is guaranteed to lower your stress levels and you could make it a regular date in the diary each week to break up the calendar of baby groups and do something for you instead, your friends will definitely thank you for it.

Exercise, sunlight, less stress, and a happy baby equals happy parents! SAD doesn’t stand a chance when you use your baby carrier in winter!

So what are you waiting for? Embrace the cold and get out there. We would love to see pics of you using your baby carrier in winter, share them with us on Facebook or Instagram.