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How Babywearing helps you get Back to Work

I’ve always been a working mum.  I was a full-time student when I had my first child; I was back at lectures by the time he was 6 weeks old.  Second time around, my husband and I set up a new company while our daughter was still breastfeeding.  I’ve worked from home around both kids at all ages. I know first-hand the pressure of trying to do everything and have it all.

These days, with increasingly flexible maternity/paternity options, more and more families are choosing to work with and around their babies.  It’s no longer an either/or choice between family and work.  Workplaces are also getting more adaptable; allowing employees to work from home, part time, flexible hours, or choose to go freelance.

This doesn’t mean it’s all easy.  Babies are demanding of our time and attention.  Lack of sleep is a serious challenge.  This month at Izmi we’re looking at how we can make being a working parent easier, and why babywearing offers such a great support.

Here’s my top 5 ways a baby carrier can help you as a working parent

1.       Easing the transition

However long it’s been, you and your baby have spent so much time together. Getting used to spending time apart or without your full attention can take a while.  Use your wrap or carrier to maximise quality time to reconnect and get to know each other again after a day apart.  Whether it’s baby snuggles for evening feeds, or carrying a toddler home from nursery.  The closeness you get with your carrier will help you both to adjust more easily; who doesn’t love a good hug after a long day at work!

2.        Hands free

If your baby is staying with you while you work, then a good carrier is a no brainer.  Babies can nap safely on your front while you can get on with writing or drawing or whatever else you do.  I’ve met mums who lead choirs with their babies in a wrap, photographers whose babies love all the sights of being at work with dad, and even an amazing couple who landscaped gardens with their baby on their backs!  You really can do almost anything!

3.       Commuting

Buggies and full on commuter transport do not mix happily.  Use your wrap or carrier to sail easily through ticket barriers and escalators, keeping your little one safe and close to you when on crowded public transport.  They’re up out of the way of briefcases and they’re easy to see.  Plus, you can always ask for a seat!

4.       A routine to look forward to

If your baby or toddler is happily settled into a good routine the idea of changing everything to go back to work can be daunting.  Before you go back to work, start to use your carrier at a regular time of day whether your baby is awake or asleep.  Continue this throughout all the new changes once you start work and your baby will always have a lovely and familiar part of their day to look forward to.

5.       Fitting into your life

Whatever you do during your days, there’ll be ways that a wrap or carrier can help.  Whether it’s supporting feeding, getting about more easily, giving you hands free time to get on with your work, or letting your baby reconnect with you at the end of the day.  A good carrier fits around you and your needs.  You might use it for 30 minutes a day, or as an essential part of your working week; you don’t have to know exactly how it’s all going to work out, but you know that your carrier can adapt with you and support you and your baby through all the changes ?


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