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Visiting A Sling Library

Monday 21 January 2019

During one of our NCT antenatal classes one of the other expectant parents mentioned a ‘4th Trimester’ group run by our local sling library, and suggested we all meet there once the babies had arrived to make the most of their free 6-week stretchy hire. I’d heard people mention sling libraries before, and had a […]

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Winter Baby Carrier – what you need to know

Friday 04 January 2019

Could using your baby carrier in winter help fight SAD? We all know the benefits of using a baby carrier for hands free bonding time with your baby while you get essential things done. Shopping, cooking, housework, socialising and just about any activity are made easier when you have a baby carrier, but could it also […]

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Izmi Parenting Hacks

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Who’d like some handy tricks for an easier life with babies and toddlers?  We’ve put together our favourite Parent Hacks to show just some of the ways you can get on with your day, reduce hassle and keep your baby happy using your Izmi Wrap or Carrier ? These are going out daily across our […]

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Baby Carrier Buying Guide

Thursday 06 December 2018

International Babywearing Consultant and creator of Izmi, Emily Williamson, recently shared her expert advice with baby carrier buying guide featured in Baby Magazine. The article details the essentials your carrier should provide and a breakdown of other factors to be considered before deciding on the right carrier of you and your baby. Its important to […]

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The award winner; designed with you in mind

Friday 23 November 2018

MadeForMums is the UK’s biggest parenting review site – giving ‘honest, expert, top ranking reviews’ and their annual Awards reveal the very best products on the market in 85 categories. Hundreds of items are shortlisted, tested at home by real families and judged by experts before the award winners are revealed. We are delighted that […]

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Breastfeeding in Public

Wednesday 01 August 2018

It’s Breastfeeding Week in the middle of what’s been a toasty summer.  We all want to be out and enjoying the weather… not as easy as it sounds when you’ve got a small baby and you’re learning to breastfeed. So you’ve finally braved that first trip out of the house with your newborn – you’ve […]

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