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Get into the Festive Spirit with Izmi

Christmas is here! Hands up everyone who’s decking the halls, rocking around the Christmas tree and dreaming of a white Christmas! Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year and it’s even better with babywearing!

Izmi is perfectly suited to every Christmas activity, helping to make gift wrapping a breeze and Christmas baking as easy as pie. Read on for our top tips for festive fun with Izmi.

Christmas shopping

When you’re Christmas shopping, it can be a big help not to have a pram with you. An Izmi carrier removes one of the biggest obstacles of shopping with a baby, giving you the space and flexibility to enjoy the experience – or at least be as efficient as possible! Christmas markets are also a lovely thing to do with your little one, they’ll enjoy the twinkly lights and you can keep them up out of the way of the busy streets, cosy in their carrier.

Once you’ve got your presents sorted, you’ll find wrapping much easier with both your hands free too. Sticking, tying ribbons and writing gift tags – whatever your wrapping task, you’ll appreciate your Izmi. We can’t help you with how to wrap that space hopper though!

Decorating the tree

One of the most Christmassy tasks there is, decorating the tree and house is a must. Thankfully, babywearing is perfect for all your decorating activities. You don’t need to worry about putting baby down, they’ll be right with you.

Keep your baby close enough to kiss under the mistletoe in their Izmi carrier. Remember they should be tight against your chest and up high so you can keep an eye on them, whatever your Christmas plans may be.

Baking and Christmas dinner prep

Babywearing is also fantastic if you have a lot of things to get done in the kitchen. From peeling spuds to chopping veg, it’s so much easier to cook with both your hands free. Your baby will be calm and happy in their Izmi carrier and you can get organised for the big festive feast. Remember, if you’re cooking with hot water or oil, it’s not safe to wear your baby. Babywearing is best for cold kitchen tasks only.

Let’s not forget Christmas baking! From Stir-Up Sunday to decorating your Christmas cake, having your hands free is ideal for every baking activity. Being honest, constructing a gingerbread house is difficult enough, without trying to hold a baby in one arm! Embrace your true Mary Berry/Mrs Christmas alter-ego with your Izmi carrier.


All your family and friends are coming over – quick clean everything!

If your Christmas cleaning is as frantic as ours, you’ll be really glad to have your Izmi on hand. Whilst your little one is taking a nap, keep them close and calm by holding them in their Izmi carrier or wrap. You don’t have to worry about leaving them in another room and you keep your hands free for all your Christmas chores, be it polishing, vacuuming or stringing up a hundred lines of fairy lights!

Christmas eve traditions

The night before Christmas is the perfect time to settle down and embrace the Christmas feeling to the fullest. Writing letters to Father Christmas is also easier with both hands. There’s no need to juggle baby, pens and paper. Instead, you can direct all your attention to your other little ones and make the moment extra special for them.

On the last day of advent, why not try some carol singing too? With your Izmi carrier, you can keep your baby close and snuggly whilst you sing and even have your hands free for a bit of conducting! Remember that if you’re out in the cold, you and your little one will need to wrap up warm. Fleece layers are best for baby as they’re less bulky, making sure that your baby stays snuggly but there’s no danger of their face being covered by any fabric. You can check out more of our top tips for cold weather.

Making memories with your whole family

The greatest gift an Izmi gives at this time of year is the ability for you to appreciate the small things. With your baby calm and happy against your chest, you can gather in your loved ones and appreciate the true spirit of Christmas. Make this festive season stress-free and as magical as can be with a little help from Izmi.