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Holidays are a breeze with the Izmi baby carrier

Are you jetting off to somewhere warm this Easter or taking a ‘staycation’ on our beautiful British Isles? Whatever your plans, make sure you pack your Izmi baby carrier or wrap for the easiest way to travel.

Flying abroad?

One of the greatest challenges when travelling with young children is baggage allowance! Let’s face it, a simple trip to the park often involves taking everything but the kitchen sink so the idea of squeezing all of your family’s belongings into a suitcase can be daunting to say the least. Adding a buggy into your baggage allowance will only add to these woes! This is where your baby carrier really comes in handy.

The Izmi baby carrier has no unnecessary padding, folding up small when not in use and sliding into your hand luggage with ease. It weighs next to nothing, so it won’t add unnecessary weight to that all-important baggage allowance. Most importantly though, you can wear it through the airport! You won’t need to worry about handing over a buggy last minute to the air hostess, you won’t need to pass a buggy through security, and you will be hands free the entire time whilst keeping your baby close and comfortable. We promise you, once you try travelling with an Izmi, you will wonder how you ever did it without one!

Both the Izmi baby carrier and the Izmi wrap both offer a discreet breast-feeding position which is really handy for breast feeding on a busy plane or at any point during your holiday. It’s not only your baby that benefits when it comes to feeding., Just think of all those relaxed hands-free meals you will be able to enjoy while your baby takes a siesta in their carrier, snug by your side but without you having to eat one handed while holding them.  If you have multiple small people travelling with you and a pram is necessary, putting your eldest in their pram and the youngest in a carrier still leaves you (or your partner) with free hands for pushing the pram and pulling suitcases.

Going somewhere hot?

The Izmi Breeze makes baby carrying in hot climates a ‘breeze’ thanks to its breathable mesh lining and natural cotton fabric. It will help keep you and baby keep cool when the temperature rises and will allow you to continue baby carrying in comfort, whatever the weather.

Its washable too, so you can clean off any sun cream, ice cream (or pina colada!) that might get on it during your holiday. You can also dry it quickly and easily overnight because it doesn’t have any extra padding. Find your Izmi Breeze and add it to your suitcase now.

The ‘Essential’ holiday accessory

We launched the Izmi Essential this year at a lower price point than the original Izmi brushed cotton baby carrier due to demand for a cheaper alternative for occasional use such as for grandparents and holidays. The Essential still has all the great functionality of the original Izmi at a lower price. You can take it on holidays without worrying that the kids will cover it in sand, sun cream or whatever else may get thrown its way. Pick up yours today and you will be ready for anything this Easter!

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Happy holidays!