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International Babywearing Week : Continuing the tradition…

International Babywearing week is happening right now, all around the world parents are exploring the joys of babywearing and how it can enhance our lives. This year the theme is “Continuing the tradition”, something that we are proud to support here at Izmi baby.

You see babywearing is not a new idea, in fact, it has been around for centuries and was often the only way to get around with a baby historically and still is in developing countries. Traditionally, mothers begin babywearing from day one to keep their baby safe and to ensure they can get on with their daily routine. If you have to walk long distances to the nearest water source and carry heavy loads back, or work the fields to provide crops to eat, then the only way to do it successfully is with your baby strapped to you, out of harms way and leaving you hands free.

Whilst women often babywear out of necessity in the developing world, parents in first world countries have often forgotten the art of babywearing and fallen in to the buggy trap because that’s what our parents generation did.

Increasingly however, modern families are waking up to the amazing benefits of babywearing and are leading a babywearing revolution which Izmi is proud to be a part of!

There are so many benefits of baby wearing that we could write a whole book! But here are our favourites…

  • You can be hands free and happy! Get out and enjoy your day whilst keeping your baby close to you at all times.
  • Babywearing helps you bond with your baby – constant cuddles and your hearts beating next to each other helps you develop a special close bond that will last a lifetime.
  • It can help you fight postnatal depression – babywearing helps to increase oxytocin levels which is the happy hormone that helps combat depression for both mums and dads.
  • Your baby may be more contented and cry less – studies have shown that babies who are carried cry 43% less than babies who are not and a happy baby means happy parents!
  • It is great for exercising whilst keeping an eye on your little one – check out our Izmi workout for some handy tips and ideas. 
  • Everyone can do it! Mums, dads, grandparents, babysitters, friends, the list goes on! There is a baby carrier or wrap to suit everyone and it is the ideal way to bond with baby, so find the perfect fit for you and experience the joys of babywearing.

One of the easiest ways to babywear and something that has been used by parents since the beginning of mankind, is the wrap. Traditionally made from a long piece of woven material which can be wrapped around parent and child, these are still incredibly popular today. Often we see images of African mothers with their baby tied to their backs with a woven scarf wrapped around their waists and under the baby’s bottom to support their weight. This basic method of babywearing works as well now as it did thousands of years ago, but in the UK we have access to modern adaptations of this age old design.

The Izmi wrap takes the very best parts of the traditional wrap and mixes it with luxuriously soft fabrics in beautiful colours to ensure that every parent can find a wrap that suits them. Our special Izmi technique helps you get the perfect wrap every time so you can rest assured your baby is comfortable and secure. Watch our short video to find out how.

If you prefer a more structured approach to babywearing then try the Izmi baby carrier on for size. We have taken all of the benefits of thousands of years of baby wrapping and combined them with modern design innovation to create our unique baby carrier. The Izmi carrier is a hybrid between a wrap and a buckled carrier so you get the softness and flexibility of a wrap combined with the structure and ease of a carrier. This is continuing the tradition of babywearing the Izmi way, ensuring that modern families can continue to experience the joy of a hands free and happy lifestyle for years to come.

Celebrate International Babywearing week with like minded people by visiting a sling library near you. Lots of the local babywearing groups will be hosting special events throughout the week which you are always welcome to join, but if you cant make it this week then don’t worry, just pop in at a time that works for you.

These fantastic sling libraries are free to use and are a fantastic resource for parents who want to know more about babywearing. You can often borrow a baby carrier or wrap to try out at home and then return it when you are ready, so it is a great way to find out more about babywearing and experience it for yourself. We hope you enjoy the many wonderful benefits of babywearing for you and your baby! Find your nearest sling library now.