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Izmi Parenting Hacks

Who’d like some handy tricks for an easier life with babies and toddlers?  We’ve put together our favourite Parent Hacks to show just some of the ways you can get on with your day, reduce hassle and keep your baby happy using your Izmi Wrap or Carrier ?

These are going out daily across our Instagram and Facebook pages so pop over to follow us for your regular dose of babywearing inspiration!  In the meantime, here’s a little taster of how we’ve used Izmi Carriers to lighten the load of looking after littles ones…..

  • Increase your milk supply

Yes, really!  Research shows that the more you have your baby close to you – skin to skin in your Izmi Wrap is ideal – during the first few weeks of their life, the more milk your breasts will produce for the whole time you’re breastfeeding.  Magic!

  • Flats up stairs

Get in and out of your home easily with your baby in a sling. No need to leave your pushchair to trip people up in a hallway, or lug it up stairs. Keep your pushchair in the car and just walk up to your home.

  • Housework

Boring but important, and a gruelling task when your baby cries the whole time.  Keep them calmer and happy in your Izmi, while you’re hands free to get on with all those other essential jobs.

  • Happy Pets Too!

No need to change your regular scenic dog walking route when your carrier can take all of you on whatever walk you want to enjoy!

  • Stay Dry

Two hands on a pushchair mean you get wet when it rains.  Hands free using a carrier means you can hold an umbrella, and still have a hand spare!

  • Visit any café

You don’t have to check whether the place you’re going has space for a pushchair when you don’t have one!  And you can even adapt your Izmi Wrap or Carrier to support you breast/bottle-feeding, or to secure your baby on an adult chair when there’s no highchair available.

  • Travel lighter

You might wonder where you’re going to keep all your stuff when you no longer have all that storage space from under your buggy.  But the reality is that you probably don’t use as much of it as you think, and half that space is the rain cover anyway.  Work out what you’ll really need and don’t bother with all that stuff you don’t actually use.

  • Public Transport Sorted

Want to make tubes, buses and trains easy to use with a baby?  Use your carrier to sit anywhere you like, escape queuing for buggy areas or lifts, and you can confidently breeze up and down all those escalators too ?

  • Relax on Holiday

Less hassle transferring babies and toddlers through airports and onto the plane?  Yes please! Navigate check-in, security and all that queuing with baby secure and no extra stress.


Ok, so I’m not advocating hardcore rock climbing with a baby in a sling, but pretty much anywhere you can go by yourself, you can go with your baby in your Izmi Carrier too.  Imagine you and your other half walking down the beach, hand in hand, soaking up the sun, sea gently splashing at your feet with your baby happy in your sling, perhaps having a snooze.  Now imagine trying to push your buggy through sand… enough said.

Look out for these ideas and more on our social, and send us your Izmi parenting hacks too!

Emily x

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