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Mother’s Day: Sharing experiences with your Kids

At Izmi this Mother’s Day we’re focusing on what we think is really important about being a mum; those little heart-warming experiences that just make our relentlessly busy lives as mums so worthwhile.

Being a parent is hard work. You have to be constantly present and thinking about the needs of your children; juggling all the other responsibilities of your day too. You’re surviving on less sleep, less personal time and you’re not as able to focus on your other relationships. Sometimes with young children it can be hard to see past the daily struggle to keep everyone happy, healthy and fed.

So, what keeps us going?

Our kids not only challenge us to push ourselves, they open our hearts and minds to new depths. All those challenging, exhausting times make the good things so much sweeter. In the middle of a day when you’ve been struggling with feeding, or lack of sleep, or a colicky baby, it just takes that one smile from your baby, or a hug from your toddler to melt your heart and make it all so worthwhile.

And that’s why babywearing is so great.

When using a wrap or carrier, you and your little one can share every experience. From daily chores to exciting trips out and about, your baby is content and close against you, whilst you can enjoy making the most of your time together. As they so quickly learn to look around and start to talk, you’re right there with them sharing those little moments and first experiences.

With your baby held safely in their carrier, you’re hands-free to get on with your busy days, while they are settled and content against you. It feels just like a constant hug; reminding you how much you’re loved, and how just being near you can be all that your baby needs.

Before I had kids I never knew I could love someone so fiercely, and so unconditionally. And before I found a great baby carrier I never knew how wonderful and sustaining it could feel being so close to my baby throughout the day.

That feeling of being wrapped in a perma-hug from my baby, while she was so much more settled and relaxed in her carrier, lifted my spirits and made me feel like the mother I always wanted to be.  A mother that can enjoy her children, and all the daily experiences we share.

From the struggles and tantrums to the first steps and all the fun times together. Being a mother is about being there through it all and so this Mother’s Day I’m celebrating all those little shared moments when we feel closest to our kids.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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