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Our New Improved Izmi Baby Carrier!

We want Izmi products to work with parents and for parents.  So ever since we launched we’ve been listening to your feedback, and our already great Baby Carrier design has been improving as a result!  Don’t worry, we’re always going to stick with our unique, lightweight, wrap-like carrier design – but we want to keep improving wherever we can.

This post is to explain the changes we’ve been making to different versions of our Izmi Baby Carrier. We want to make sure you can all check which version of Izmi Baby Carrier you have, and understand what makes it different from other versions.

Please note that this post just applies to the Izmi Baby Carrier, Izmi Toddler Carrier and Breeze Carrier variations.

Izmi Baby Carrier Version 1

Launched: November 2016

Available Colours: Midnight Blue

Our very first production of Izmi Baby Carriers!  These carriers are made from a sturdy 100% cotton drill fabric and matching-colour fabric straps.  The sternum strap is attached to the shoulder straps using a 2-part ‘lockable’ buckle. Warning label inside the waistband is printed on a white satin fabric. They were only available in our dark navy ‘Midnight Blue’, as well as some ‘Tester’ carriers for Sling Libraries.

Poppers on Izmi V1 Baby Carriers are not compatible with Izmi accessories.

Izmi Baby Carrier Version 2

Launched: Spring 2017

Available Colours: Mid Grey, Teal, Purple, Navy, Breeze Grey, Breeze Navy

In 2017 we moved to a new factory!  These carriers are from an even softer and super durable 100% brushed cotton fabric and matching-colour fabric straps.  The sternum strap is attached to the shoulder straps using a simple 1-part slider buckle.  The waist buckle is now printed with an ‘Izmi’ Logo.  Warning label inside the waistband is printed on a natural cotton fabric.  These carriers are available in 4 colours, plus 2 ‘Breeze’ colour options.

We improved the strength of the poppers used for the headrest (these are slightly matt so less shiny than the V1 poppers); Poppers on Izmi V2 and later Baby, Breeze and Toddler Carriers are all compatible with Izmi accessories.

Izmi Baby and Toddler Carriers Version 3

Launched: January 2018

Available colours: Mid Grey, Navy, Toddler Mid Grey, Toddler Navy, Toddler Breeze

These carriers have all the same fantastic features, fabrics, labels and improved buckle components as our Version 2 carriers.  The change in Version 3 is to replace 2 of the matching-colour fabric straps with soft black webbing.

We always intended to keep Izmi Carriers feeling as close to a wrap as possible and so many customers love having a soft carrier that is 100% cotton fabric.  Most people find the soft fabric straps easy to adjust smoothly; however, some people have struggled to adjust the straps correctly resulting in the fabric twisting in the buckles.  Following extensive research with carrying professionals and with customers, we decided to replace the soft cotton fabric on the longer shoulder strap adjustment with a flexible cotton blend webbing.  The webbing is more resistant to twisting, whilst it’s high cotton content keeps it super soft and as close to that wrap-like feel as we can.  The waist and shorter straps will be staying as fabric not webbing for the foreseeable future.

Note at February 2018: Several models/colours of the carrier are still available with 100% fabric straps and these will still be available for some time. Please note that, depending on retailer stock, different versions of Izmi carriers may be currently available in your stockist.  Please contact us if you would like to check where to source a specific version, or to find out which carrier version your Izmi is.

We hope you love our new changes!  Keep letting us know what you think! We’ll keep updating this post as we continue to listen and grow with our customers.

Emily and the Izmi Team x