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Can you use a baby carrier in hot weather?

Some adults and babies will always manage better in hot weather than others (you’ll know if you’re a ‘hot’ person of not), but there are a few things that can make you both more comfy…

Choose Your Carrier
Slings made from natural, lighter fabrics like cotton, linen and bamboo will be more breathable and help wick away moisture.

Some carriers have panels of special mesh, or solarweave fabrics, which offer increased airflow or UV protection. These tend to be synthetic fabrics which, while lighter in weight than may not always feel as breathable or comfortable against the skin as natural fibre alternatives.

Avoid lots of heavy fabric wrapping around you; carriers that that have less fabric will improve air circulation.

And those that are easy to wash will also be a life-saver when you want to clean off sun-cream, sand, drinks and snacks at the end of a long day out.

Ensure baby isn’t over-dressed
Most slings will be the equivalent of least one clothing layer so reduce your baby’s clothes accordingly.

Protect from the Sun
Be aware of parts of your baby sticking out of the sling and cover/sun-protect legs, arms and heads if necessary. Some carriers have hoods that can be used as a sun shade.

Try Back carrying
If your baby is old enough (from around 6 months or when they can sit unaided), and the carrier is suitable, then carrying them on your back will be much cooler than carrying them on your front.

If you get too Hot
Adding an extra layer (such as a folded muslin cloth) between your body and baby’s head can avoids sticky skin rubbing, and help you both to feel cooler, especially when they fall asleep.

Safety First!
Babies get hot or cold much more easily than adults do and find it harder to regulate their own temperature.

Check if your baby is getting too warm: The best way to check (without a thermometer) is to pop a couple of fingers down the back of their neck – they should feel warm and comfortable, not hot, sweaty or clammy.
Check their face, hands and feet for colour and touch temperature. Their behaviour will also give you clues – babies that are too hot often fuss or get agitated more easily.

Keep your baby hydrated!
Make sure that your baby is drinking plenty of water (or milk as appropriate) to replace lost fluids when it’s warm. And keep yourself hydrated too!

And finally, if you find you can’t keep your baby at a comfortable temperature in a sling during hot weather then consider limiting sling use in the middle or the day. Remember that in many countries people tend to stay in the shade and rest during the hottest part of the day – if it’s too hot to be out comfortably then it’s probably too hot to use a carrier, so have a sling siesta until it’s cool enough to go out again!