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The Holiday Essential from Izmi

If you are off on holiday soon with your little ones and want to ensure that everyone has a happy and relaxing time, then it’s time to give some thought to how you will transport them on the journey and while you are away.

You could take your buggy, but then you will have to battle with airport security, leave it with the cabin crew at the gate and then find it again once you reach your destination. You will also have to find somewhere to store it in your hotel room and lug it around with you on every trip to the beach, restaurant and on sightseeing excursions. Sound relaxing? We don’t think so either, but thankfully, there is another way…

Introducing the Izmi Essential

Izmi baby carriers have long been a popular alternative to a buggy when parents want to get out and about with their little ones. Our mission is to make baby carrying accessible to everyone, which is why we developed the new Izmi Essential range. You get the benefits of an Izmi carrier, but with a lower price tag which makes it the perfect way to test whether baby carrying works for you. Even if you don’t use a baby carrier as part of your everyday life, holidays will be so much easier with the Essential by your side, and at just £50, we think it’s the best holiday purchase you will make this year.

Holidays made easy

With a baby carrier like the Izmi Essential, you can nip through airport security in seconds. Wearing your baby leaves your hands free to wrestle your luggage on to the scales at check in and hold hands with older children to stop them running off in the departures lounge. When it’s time to board your flight you can simply take the carrier off and fold it neatly into your hand luggage. It has the added bonus that if your baby has fallen asleep during the long walk to the gate, you don’t need to wake them when you board as you can simply fasten your seatbelt underneath the carrier and continue to wear your baby while you sip on an ice cold drink and enjoy your flight.

Once you reach your destination, there is no need to wait for your buggy to make it off the conveyor belt at arrivals. You will be hands free from the minute you step off the plane, all while keeping your baby snuggled close to your chest. There will be no bulky buggy to store in your hotel room, and the lightweight fabric of the Izmi Essential folds flat for easy storage in your beach bag, ready for your next adventure. You can wear your baby to dinner for a hands free dining experience and sightseeing will also be a breeze with your baby sleeping soundly in their carrier.

Add an Essential to your holiday shopping list

Find the Izmi Essential carrier at Boots online or in store when you pop in for your sun cream and other holiday bits. You can rest assured that your holiday with your little ones will be easier this half term once you have an Izmi Essential in your hand luggage.

Share your holiday snaps with us, we would love to hear from you!