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Travelling with a baby – keeping your cool with Izmi Breeze

Here comes summer!  We’ve all been enjoying the change in weather recently, and now things are warming up we’re also asking about how to keep everyone cool and comfy whilst babywearing.

Which Carrier to Use?

All Izmi wraps and carriers are made from soft natural fabrics, which feel great against bare skin, are breathable and help wick away moisture.  They’re also all easily washable; very handy when you need to clean off sun cream and other mess from your sunny day.

Whilst our gorgeous bamboo Izmi Wraps are lighter than many other brands of stretchy wrap, if you’re a very hot person you may still feel enclosed by the wraparound fabric.  Izmi Baby and Toddler Carriers are less enclosing, offering more airflow around both you and baby.

For the best airflow options for a hotter baby, try our Breeze Baby or Toddler Carriers.  These offer an airy mesh panel behind your baby’s back for improved airflow and ventilation.

How to Dress

Treat your carrier or wrap as an extra layer of clothing, and reduce your baby’s clothes accordingly.  Wear as much, or as little as you’re comfortable, though in variable weather it’s always easiest to keep your baby in their carrier close to your body, and add layers over the top if it gets cooler.

Be aware of parts of your baby sticking out of the sling and cover/sun-protect legs, arms and heads if necessary. The Izmi hood accessory can be added to both our Baby and Toddler carriers and can act as an extra sun or sleep shade.

The hottest bit about carrying is your bodies

Humans radiate a lot of heat from their fronts!  If it’s very hot and sticky, adding an extra layer (such as a folded muslin cloth) between you and your baby, or under baby’s head can avoid skin rubbing, and help you both to feel cooler, especially when they fall asleep.

Use different carrying positions!  If your baby is old enough, then try a side or back carry position in your Izmi Baby or Toddler Carrier to avoid that chest-to-chest warmth.  Side carries are suitable once your baby can support their head unaided (from around 3-5 months), and you could try a back carry from around 6 months or when they can sit unaided.

Keep your bodies hydrated! Make sure that your baby is drinking plenty of water (or milk as appropriate) to replace lost fluids when it’s warm. And remember to drink regularly yourself too!

What is ‘Too Hot’?

Safety First!  Babies get hot or cold much more easily than adults do and find it harder to regulate their own temperature.

Check if your baby is getting too warm: The best way to check (without a thermometer) is to pop a couple of fingers down the back of their neck – they should feel warm and comfortable, not hot, sweaty or clammy.  Check their face, hands and feet for colour and touch temperature. Their behaviour will also give you clues – babies that are too hot often fuss or get agitated more easily.

If you find you can’t keep your baby at a comfortable temperature in a sling during hot weather then consider limiting sling use in the middle of the day. Remember that in many hot countries people tend to stay in the shade and rest during the hottest part of the day – if it’s too hot to be out comfortably then it’s probably too hot to use a carrier, so have a sling siesta until it’ s cool enough to go out again!

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