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What’s so great about wraps?

What’s so great about stretchy wraps?

Here at Izmi we’re super excited to be launching our very own soft, stretchy wraparound sling.  We’ve been working very hard, behind the scenes, for months to perfect the incredibly soft 97% bamboo fabric and finishing to make a really lovely, supportive and easy-to-use stretchy wrap.

With our popular intuitive and soft Izmi Baby Carrier already available, you might be wondering why we’re adding the Izmi Wrap to our range?

We believe that stretchy wraps will always have a place alongside other slings and carriers.  They’re just so easy, comfy and adaptable!

Perfect for the fourth trimester

Most newborns seem so small and snuggly, and so many parents want something equally soft and snuggly to carry their baby during their first weeks. Stretchy wraps give the ultimate flexible, womb like support for a brand new baby, and can be used from day one.  They can even be used with premature and low birthweight babies; just make sure your wrap is tied tightly enough to support your little one!

Super comfy convenience at home

Even if they have a great carrier, many parents also look for a super soft comfy sling for use around the home and a stretchy wrap is perfect for this.  Once your wrap is tied, you can leave it on all day just like clothes, popping your baby in and out as necessary without needing to untie or refasten.  This makes it very convenient when looking after a very young baby who’s needs are constantly changing.

The soft fabric is easy and comfortable to wear, adjusting to fit all shapes and sizes by distributing the weight widely across your torso.  With no bulky padding or hard fastenings to dig in to your or your baby, a wrap is something you can comfortably wear all day.

You could even wear your wrap without a top on to get wonderful skin to skin contact with your baby.  Skin to skin contact is fantastic for helping small babies to gain weight, for promoting bonding between parent and baby and for boosting Mum’s milk supply.

Adaptable and infinitely adjustable

A stretchy wrap is easy to adjust and adapt to different users and needs. The fabric ties to fit all adults –  whatever your shape or size – and to support all babies too, even very tiny ones!  You can easily adjust where the fabric sits on your body, for optimum comfort and weight distribution.

You can also adapt how you use your wrap around your baby’s needs.  Carry them on the front, or to one side; with their legs swaddled inside the wrap, or free for them to kick around – you can adjust your wrap to suit how your individual baby likes to be carried.  A stretchy wrap can be adapted to act as a breastfeeding aid, and with it’s wide and supportive fabric you can even use one Izmi Wrap to carry two babies if you have twins!

Surprisingly easy to use…

… Once you know how! Let’s not sidestep the obvious; since they’re essentially a long piece of fabric, stretchy wraps can look daunting to use.  How on earth is that fabric going to provide a supportive, hands free carry? Don’t worry! They really aren’t as complicated as you’d think (no origami skills necessary, we promise!) and most people only need a little practice before they are confidently wrapping their baby every day.

If you do find you need a little extra help, have a look at our great instruction and tips videos.  You could also get help in person from a local Sling Library or Carrying Consultant.  Have a Look at our map of local sling support services to find one near you!

We hope you love our new Izmi Wrap as much as we do; we look forward to seeing what you and your babies think!

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