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Why Parents Love Izmi

Carry Consultant designed

The Izmi baby carrier was designed and made by Emily Williamson, a mum of two and experienced baby wearing consultant. Emily has helped thousands of parents to find the right baby carrier over the course of her career and has invested her knowledge and experience in to creating a unique range of carriers that are designed to make baby wearing comfortable and accessible for all.

Emily is passionate about helping as many parents as possible to benefit from the joys of baby wearing and all of the hands-free flexibility that brings to parenting. Emily is still working with parents day to day in the sling libraries she works with, as well as speaking at numerous baby events throughout the year. As a result, she is fully immersed in the world of baby wearing and is constantly trying new products and inventing new ways to make baby wearing even easier.

Parents benefit from this expert knowledge every time they put on their Izmi baby carrier, and thanks to the wealth of online resources including videos, top tips and blogs on baby carrying, there is always something new to learn from Emily and the Izmi team to help you get the most out of baby wearing.

Soft, flexible and lightweight

The Izmi baby carrier is designed as a hybrid between a structured buckle carrier and a wrap. The fabric is therefore soft 100% cotton that can flex and mould to your baby’s shape and your own, for the perfect balance of support and comfort. The soft, breathable fabric helps baby to settle and stay in the carrier for longer, and the flexibility of the design means that parents can wear baby in multiple positions whilst remaining fully supported at all times.

The Izmi baby carrier is lightweight so that it can be folded up in to its own small carry bag when not in use and to ensure that it contours to both the parents and the baby’s body so that the optimum carrying position can be achieved every time. More padded carriers can give the illusion of keeping baby in the right position or being comfortable for parents, but this padding is unnecessary and can make the carrier bulky for parents to store when not in use. With the Izmi baby carrier, you can keep it in your handbag or changing bag and quickly and easily put it on when you need it. The lightweight fabric can also be machine washed and it dries quickly, making the Izmi perfect for holidays too. 

Easy to use

Izmi baby carriers and wraps are designed to make baby wearing easy and accessible to all parents. The simple design of the Izmi carriers includes easy to use buckles that quickly click in to place and help you achieve the perfect baby wearing position every time.

The carrier features an easy velcro adjustable seat panel that grows with your baby and the straps can be adjusted to suit every parent so you and your baby feel supported and comfortable with the weight distributed evenly.

You can choose from four different carrying positions so the carrier adapts to your growing child, giving them more interaction with their surroundings as they develop, and there is also a toddler size for larger children.

To help demystify baby carrying and make it easier for every parent, the Izmi team have developed a library of online resources including videos, blogs and helpful tips to support you in your baby carrying journey.

Ergonomic and supportive

Designed to suit every parent and every baby, the Izmi baby carriers and wraps are ergonomically designed to adapt to your unique body shape and help you carry your baby comfortably. They are even suitable for baby wearing during pregnancy which is perfect if you are expecting your second or subsequent child. The Izmi baby carrier is suitable from newborn thanks to its supportive design and will grow with your child because it offers multiple carrying positions and is fully adjustable to fit children of different ages. The supportive design means that you can wear baby for longer and lots of parents find the Izmi carrier helpful for getting all those jobs done that you need to be hands-free for, especially as baby normally falls asleep as soon as they get in the carrier!

Don’t just take our word for it…

I’ve been using this carrier for my little boy for just over a month now and it is really comfortable for both of us. He is 4 months and either falls asleep or he is able to look around whilst being secure. It’s much more comfortable on my shoulders and back than previous carriers I have used. It’s also really lightweight and compact so ideal to take out on day trips. A great carrier to give me a spare pair of hands for my toddler!” Sam Lees

“I really like this carrier. I took my 3 month old out for the whole afternoon and it didn’t hurt my back like the other carrier i had. I also used it in a carifit exercise class and had lots of girls asking which one it was. The main reason I wanted this one is that I find carrying children on my hip really messes up my back so when he is bigger i will be able to use this to carry him and get the chores done! Its great how small it folds up too and that its made in the UK.” Josey Spooner Rolls

“As a busy mummy of twin boys, I’ve often found I don’t have enough hands, but thanks to my new Izmi carrier I now have a spare hand. (Maybe I could drink a coffee! Now wouldn’t that be a dream?!) I have tried a variety of different carriers but often find that after a while they become uncomfortable and I give up! This carrier however is comfortable for both me and my babies. Henry loves it so much that he falls asleep almost instantly when he’s put in it. It is incredibly easy to use and takes seconds to set up. I am really pleased with the product and can see myself using it as my boys grow. Now if only you could develop one to change dirty nappies then I would be all set! This really is a great product and has made transporting my boys around so much easier! Thank you Izmi baby!” Royston NK