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Could baby carrying make the work/life balance dream a reality?

There is a point in most parent’s maternity or paternity leave when you get that sinking feeling that one day, not far from now, you will have to leave your baby with another carer and return to work. But what if there was another way? What if that elusive dream of a work/life balance could become a reality? We believe it can.

Baby carrying is the answer!

If you haven’t tried baby carrying yet then you really should. The hands-free possibilities are endless! Shopping, cooking, cleaning, socialising, walking the dog, all these tasks and more are a breeze when you’ve got an Izmi baby carrier or Izmi wrap to hand. This got us thinking, could baby carrying be the answer to the ‘back to work’ challenge too?

Susie Martin, a meteorologist for Praedictix recently made waves on social media when Good Morning America shared a video of her presenting the weather forecast wearing her one year old in a wrap. The video quickly went viral for all the right reasons with commentators applauding the mum and her employer for being so supportive of a mother returning to work.

Whilst we know this won’t be realistic in all careers, it does beg the question what else you could do with your baby in tow if you have the right baby carrier? Here are our ideas so far…


There is a growing demand for reliable cleaners and a comfortable baby carrier or wrap would give you the support and flexibility you need to wear your baby for long enough to clean a large house for a client without putting pressure on your back or joints. Many parents choose to baby wear while cleaning their own home so why not turn this idea in to a business? You can start small by advertising on a local community web page or on social media and then scale it up when you are ready. Who knows, you could be running your own cleaning agency in no time!

Dog Walking

A comfortable baby carrier can be worn for long periods of time and gives your baby the support they need to sleep soundly while you get out and about. Dog walking is a flexible career for mums or dads who want a work life balance and you could do it easily with your baby by your side (or on your front or back!) with the right baby carrier or wrap.


If you love being in the great outdoors then harness that passion and turn it in to a business. Your baby will stay cosy and warm in your baby carrier while you tend to people’s flower borders and the fresh air will do you both the world of good. Choosing a baby carrier with a hood will help protect your baby from the wind if the weather takes a turn for the worst but your little one will hardly notice as they sleep soundly against your chest and share your body heat.


Baby wearing is brilliant for cooking when you are at home, so if you love getting creative in the kitchen, why not turn your passion in to a career? There is a huge demand for birthday and celebration cakes and you can use your new network of mums and dads to build a business through word of mouth and on social media. Your baby will enjoy snuggling close to you while you bake and as they get older you can give them things to hold and look at too.


New technology is being released all the time to aid flexible working and increasingly employers are becoming more open to the idea of employees working remotely or alternatively hiring freelancers to do jobs that would once have required an employee in-house. This offers so much potential to parents, as long as you have a laptop and a baby carrier or wrap, you can work from anywhere and at any time. Consider talking to your current employer about working remotely or flexibly and if they won’t allow it then find one who will!


If you are handy with a needle and thread, enjoy painting, weaving or anything crafty, you could turn your hobby in to a business and keep your baby close while you create beautiful gifts and home accessories to sell online or at local craft markets. Online stores like Etsy offer the perfect solution to get you started selling online and you can do everything from the comfort of your home or studio while baby wearing.


Good photographers are in high demand, particularly amongst families as it has become fashionable to have regular photoshoots with your children each year. It is guaranteed that your clients will love you even more if you turn up to their photo shoot wearing your sleeping baby!

Got any other ideas?

We would love to hear from you if you have any other ideas or if you have used your Izmi baby carrier or Izmi wrap to help you return to work or start a new career with your baby by your side. Get in touch on by E-Mail or via social media at:

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