Babywearing in autumn: Stay warm but not too warm!

Babywearing in autumn: Stay warm but not too warm!

The days are getting shorter, the evenings drawing in. Autumn weather can be confusing! What should you and your baby be wearing when you're out and about with your carrier? Stay warm, but not too warm.

Remember, as a rough rule of thumb:

1. You count as one layer of clothing for them, as YOU generate heat
2. The carrier/wrap is like another
3. A brisk walk/stepping indoors is like a third layer

Let's say your baby already has a vest and a sleepsuit on - that's like five layers!

So less is more, and go for thin, light layers you can easily remove 💜

On a warmer autumn day, your baby should be fine in their regular indoor clothes, with your body heat keeping them cosy in the carrier outside - zero need for bulky coats or snowsuits.

On a cooler day or when there's a brisk wind, you might worry their extremities are getting cold. Well, keeping hands, feet and heads warm is a good idea BUT it's not as important as keeping their core temperature correct.

HANDS: are mostly going to be in the wrap/carrier. If their arms/hands are more exposed, opt for tops with extra long sleeves of hands that can be folded over. Mittens are a faff.

FEET: Stay-on booties are awesome for very cold weather. These padded booties from Mamalila are the BEST I've found in 10 years.

HATS: babies hate them. If all else is snug and warm it's not the end of the world to do without. But on cold days, a baby balaclava-style elephant hood or hat with ears can be handy.

A JACKET OR BABYWEARING COAT: on warmer autumn days, a loose jacket or big cardigan over both of you is a great idea. If it's really chilly, consider a babywearing coat - best investment you'll make. By choosing an outer layer that goes over BOTH of you, when you get indoors, you can just take off a layer without waking your sleeping baby.

Zero faff. Zero overheating. Zero headache.

If your baby carrier is too bulky to do this: Just get an Izmi.