Our Story

About Izmi

Izmi was created in London by Emily, mum to Izzy and Arthur, who struggled to find a comfy baby wrap or carrier. She got a bit obsessed with baby carriers, opened one of the UK's first sling libraries, and spent 15 years helping over 50,000 families to find their perfect baby carrier. 

All these parents wanted a newborn baby carrier that was EASY, but also comfy and lightweight. A carrier that was simple enough to put on when utterly sleep-deprived. 

This super-easy carrier didn’t exist, so Emily designed it. Izmi (Izzy and me) was born. Izmi Baby carriers and wraps have been savings parents' sanity ever since. 

About Wear My Baby

Meanwhile, on the other side of south London, I was also trying to find a baby carrier for my new baby (Ben, soon followed by Joey). Preferably one that didn’t hurt my back - or my head. Just like Emily, I got a bit ‘into’ baby carriers. (Don't ask me how many I’ve used with my own kids… but it’s over 300!)

One day a friend asked me to teach them to use their baby carrier. Wear My Baby was born. Our first parent, our first consultation... plus a packet of biscuits as a thank you.

And here we are today, a decade later. A shop in South West London (from 2019-2024), a network of consultants, and millions of views across our social networks, helping parents and carers around the world to find, wear and buy the perfect baby carrier or sling.

Izmi joins the Wear My Baby family

I love Izmi. Whenever overwhelmed expectant or new parents ask me which carrier to buy, my first answer is ‘just get an Izmi.’ It’s easy, it's comfy and it just WORKS.

Izmi has been one of our best-selling brands for years and I’ve seen their carriers and wraps literally change thousands of families' lives. That’s why I’m so happy Izmi is joining the Wear My Baby family. Being a new parent is hard: baby carriers shouldn't be. So just get an Izmi.

Hannah x 

All photos © Izmi Baby Ltd and Maria O'Connor