Be sure to read the full instructions for your Izmi before use. You can also watch our video tutorials for tips and advice.


When using any Izmi Baby Carrier, Izmi Toddler Carrier or Izmi Baby Wrap, always ensure your baby is HIGH, TIGHT and VISIBLE. Following these steps will help ensure that your baby is safe and you are comfortable.

Your baby should be positioned upright and high enough on your chest that you’re able to easily kiss the top of their head - without craning your neck forwards. Be sure to check on (and kiss!) your baby regularly.

Your Izmi should be worn tightly around you and your baby. This will help ensure that your baby cannot slump down inside the carrier and that their airways are protected.

You can check it is sufficiently tight by slightly and briefly leaning forwards, with a hand supporting your baby’s head. If your Izmi is tight enough, their tummy will not flop away from your chest; their body should stay in close contact with yours.

You’ll know if it’s too tight because you’ll find it difficult to take a deep breath.

Always ensure you can see your baby’s face. Never cover your baby’s face with fabric or any part of an Izmi product.

Yes. Izmi Baby Carriers and Izmi Baby Wraps have been certified as Hip Healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

The ideal position for your baby’s hips, in any carrier or wrap, is for them to be supported across the whole of their seated width, along their thighs; from one ‘knee pit’ to another. Their knees should be slightly higher up than their bum; in an ‘M’ position. This is the ideal position to support your baby’s developing hip joint.

All Izmis are highlight adjustable, to ensure optimal support for your baby’s hips at every age and stage. Check your Izmi’s instruction manual for details on how to adjust your carrier or wrap to get a perfect fit for your growing baby. 

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You can carry your baby facing outwards in your Izmi Baby Carrier from around 4-5 months.

Your baby’s neck needs to be strong enough to be able to fully stabilise their head against the movements of your body. This means that they need to have full head control so their head doesn’t flop or bob around as you walk. They also need to be tall enough for their chin to sit above the top of the Izmi’s body panel.

Izmi Baby Wrap and Izmi Toddler Carrier are not designed for front-facing carrying. Instead, try placing one or two arms over the top of the wrap (from 4months+) or toddler carrier so your little one can look and move around.

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