Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week
This week is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week: a week-long campaign dedicated to talking about mental health problems before, during and after pregnancy.

In a survey conducted for Wear My Baby, 57% of new parents reported experiencing mental health issues in their first year. Similar surveys between 2010 and 2020 gave figures between 20% and 40%, so we’re seeing a worrying upwards trend.


It’s often simple everyday actions that can have the biggest impact: like using a baby carrier and going for a walk with your baby.

89% of parents surveyed said that using a baby carrier had a positive impact on their mental health.

It just goes to show how small things can have a huge impact on mental health. I set up Wear My Baby 10 years ago to do just that, supporting Mums and Dads who were struggling in those early days of parenting. Using a baby carrier increases parent-child bonding and can help combat post-natal depression. It’s also hugely practical. You’ve got your hands free and can get outside for exercise and to socialise.

One parent said, ‘My baby carrier saved my sanity in those early weeks and months. I have a ‘Velcro’ baby who would not be put down and hated his pram. Using a carrier meant I could leave the house, go for walks and get fresh air.… My mental health was extremely poor for the first 2 months of my son's life, thankfully it improved gradually and I’m certain that babywearing played a big role in this.’

Dr Rosie Knowles, GP and author of Why Babywearing Matters, said 'We know that close contact: first beginning with skin to skin at birth, and then with regular cuddles and closeness all help to build a happy brain. Children expect to be held; it is the place where they are safe.... A good baby carrier can be a very useful tool [...], the closeness builds a strong sense of security for a child and builds a sense of competence and confidence for a parent.'

We'd love to hear how babywearing has made a difference in your life - drop us a line, or join the conversation on Instagram. Our inbox is always open if you need a friendly ear 💜


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