Slings, Sun and Showers: Babywearing in the Spring

Women carry children in Izmi Toddler Carrier and Izmi Baby Carrier while holding umbrellas

Here are my top tips on how to dress your baby in a carrier or wrap on those sunny-showery-windy-warm-cold spring days! 🌦️

Remember, as a rough rule of thumb:
1. You count as one layer of clothing for them, as YOU generate heat
2. The carrier/wrap is like another
3. A brisk walk/stepping indoors is like a third layer

Let's say your baby already has a vest and a sleepsuit on - that's like five layers!

So less is more, and go for thin, light layers you can easily remove 💜

Hats and cardigans are good ideas for your baby, and big cardigans or light jackets for you. Babywearing covers and lightweight coats are a fantastic option for changeable days; super handy to keep in your bag, waterproof covers like the Mamalila All Rounder Softshell Babywearing Cover, Bundlebean Fleece-lined Cover and the ultra lightweight Bundlebean Babywearing Raincover are brilliant options.

A giant transparent umbrella can also be brilliant to keep you both dry AND stop you from bumping into people on the pavement!