How the Izmi Baby Carrier Makes Breastfeeding Easier

I’m Megan, mum of two to Blake who’s three and our newest addition Hallie-May, who is one; I’m also a passionate breast-feeder.

I never carried Blake when he was small but I really wanted to with my second, especially because I needed to be as hands free as possible with having a newborn and toddler in toe. In addition to the juggle of normal daily tasks, I also wanted to make feed times as smooth as possible.

I did some research to see what was out there; I had tried wraps but I wanted more support but with the same comfort… lo and behold I found Izmi and purchased their purple Baby Carrier.

Hallie-May was three weeks old when we purchased it and the minute I put her in it she loved it, it was so snug. Being a breastfeeding mum and feeding on demand around the clock, I knew this was going to be a perfect match.

It didn’t take me long to learn how to feed in the carrier. After having a play around with the straps, I soon learnt that if I adjusted them to lower the carrier, I could feed her comfortably on-the-go without having to stop and sit down. This for me has been a massive game changer- having a toddler that doesn’t have much patience to sit and wait for mummy to feed the baby, means I had to find a way to tend to both children at the same time.

It benefits us all in so many ways; Hallie-May is always so happy and content being in the carrier she loves nothing more than to watch the world go by- our family loves to go on adventures and explore and the Izmi makes this possible. To be able to feed and comfort her, not to mention the naps she takes… I’m even jealous.

I couldn’t possibly live without my carrier now, we use it so much and it’s really become a daily life essential. If I’m going to the shops, or we’re going on a day out -it’s with us everywhere.

We now have the Toddler Carrier that has a little more support as they grow and it’s incredibly comfortable I often get asked-

‘How do you carry her all day?’ – My reply, with my Izmi.

I cannot recommend it enough and I do to all my mum friends and any new mum, especially if you want to breastfeed and still have some freedom to be on­ the move. To sum it up, we bought a really expensive pram when I was pregnant with Blake and it’s now collecting dust in our attic- we did use it more times for Blake than we have with Hallie-May.
This is one of my best baby buys!

Thank you for reading
Megan Austin