How to breastfeed in a baby carrier

How to breastfeed in a baby carrier

Babywearing can be amazing for breastfeeding, thanks to the oxytocin that flows when you snuggle your little one close. You can feed in the majority of baby carriers but a super lightweight option like our Izmi Baby Carrier will be much easier to get to grips with than with a conventional bulky, structured baby carrier.

However, no carrier is MAGICALLY going to suddenly make breastfeeding a doddle if you’re still working at it. Most mums will benefit from breastfeeding support at some point on their breastfeeding journey; don't hesitate to reach out to La Leche League for phone, online, or in-person advice

How easy it is to feed in a sling or carrier depends on many factors: your baby's latch, age, your breast size, nipple position, and your baby's length compared to your torso. It's definitely more of an art than a science!

The reality is, there's no hands-free breastfeeding hack for a newborn. You'll still need at least one hand to support your little one until they can grasp on their own, usually around 6 months or so. But having one hand free is better than none, right?

When breastfeeding in a baby carrier, it's usually easiest to feed with your baby upright. Loosen all the buckles, shuffle your baby down, and guide your breast to your baby. Make sure you're wearing a top that can be pulled down or unbuttoned for easy access.

But here's the deal: you don't *have* to breastfeed in your baby carrier. People often ask us, "how can I breastfeed in my baby carrier? I need my hands back!" However, in those early weeks, it might be more trouble than it's worth.

Breastfeeding becomes so much easier once it's well-established. If possible, wait until you feel reasonably comfy and confident with your carrier AND with breastfeeding before attempting to combine the two.

In the meantime, try to focus on the best position for feeding, rather than the best way to bring a carrier into the equation. We can highly recommend getting comfy on a chair, bed or sofa, with lots of cushions, water, cake, your mobile phone, and the TV remote!