How to keep your baby warm and dry in a baby carrier

How to keep your baby warm and dry in a baby carrier

How do I keep my baby warm in a baby carrier?

How should I dress my baby in winter?

Does my baby need a snowsuit if they’re in a baby carrier?

And what should I do if it starts raining while they’re in the sling?

Here are my top tips for babywearing in autumn and winter.


As a rough rule of thumb when babywearing, you count as one layer of clothing for your baby, and your sling counts as at least another. If you step into a cosy house, cafe or shop, consider it adding a third layer. Keeping this in mind when you're heading out will help you avoid overdressing your baby, as this can cause overheating.

Unless it's bitterly cold, we recommend keeping your baby in indoor clothing, adding a warm hat and booties, plus a cardigan or coat over you both. Always make sure that no fabric covers your baby's face.

Lightweight cotton or fleece all-in-one suits are fantastic for babywearing in cold weather. Great for maintaining warmth without bulk, you can layer them over your baby's regular clothing. If the suit has feet, we recommend sizing up so that there’s no extra pressure on your baby’s feet when they tuck their legs up. 

Or go for something footless, or with optional feet, matched with these brilliant babywearing booties from Mamalila.


Babywearing coats are such a worthwhile investment. With removable babywearing and maternity panels, you can use them during pregnancy AND as an everyday coat when you're not using a carrier. 

These jackets do away with the need to dress your baby in bulky outdoor clothes. You can simply keep your baby in indoor clothing and put the coat on over both of you. So much easier than trying to put a carrier on OVER your own coat – which is guaranteed to make you sweat and overheat as soon as you step indoors!



It's best to avoid snowsuits and thick padded pram suits when babywearing. These can make it really tricky to gauge your baby's temperature and may lead to overheating. On top of this, it's much harder to get a secure and safe fit with a carrier when your baby is in a puffy suit.

This is especially critical with very young babies: if the carrier is not snug and safe then the baby’s posture and airways may not be adequately supported and protected.

As per advice relating to car seats – slings need to fit snugly around your baby’s body, not their clothing. 

For your own comfort, slings need to hug the contours of your body too – another good reason to wear young babies inside your coats and jackets.



Stop little legs from getting too chilly with a pair of leg warmers, leggings or tights. Remember to pop a hat, snood or hood onto your baby too, as this is likely to be the most exposed part of their body.

And to keep little pre-walking feet warm, we cannot rave enough about these waterproof, windproof quilted booties from Mamalila. We’ve been searching for years for sling-friendly booties that actually stay on – and these really do the job!



During wet months (ahem, much of the year in the UK), carry a lightweight babywearing cover or umbrella along with a hat for your baby when you go out. Super handy to keep in your bag, waterproof covers like the Mamalila All Rounder Softshell Babywearing Cover, Bundlebean Fleece-lined Cover and the ultra lightweight Bundlebean Babywearing Raincover are brilliant options.

A giant transparent umbrella can also be brilliant to keep you both dry AND stop you from bumping into people on the pavement!

So: stay dry, stay cool, think LAYERS. 



If you're gong to be layer up in thick coats and wooly jumpers, the last thing you need is extra bulk from your baby carrier. Remember, its your body heat , and their clothes, that regulates your baby's temperature and keep them warm. So you do not need a thick, padded baby carrier or wrap for the colder months. With their ultralight straps, breathable fabrics and zero bulky padding, Izmi baby and toddler carriers and baby wraps are perfect for all seasons. 

Need more advice? Drop us a line, we're always here to help.