Is it safe to use a baby carrier after a C-section?

Is it safe to use a baby carrier after a C-section?

Can I use a baby carrier after a c-section (caesarean birth)?

Yes! During the initial weeks following a C-section, it's more comfortable to opt for a carrier WITHOUT a thick, structured waistband. A stretchy wrap like our luxurious bamboo Izmi Baby Wrap, or our ultra lightweight Izmi Baby Carrier would both be great choices.

When worn correctly (high and tight!), they help distribute your baby's weight away from your lower abdomen and the scar area. 

When is it safe to begin babywearing after a c-section?

Take it easy. Even though our carriers and wraps are ideal for carrying your baby after a c-section, we still recommend you take it slowly for the first six weeks post birth.

If possible, enlist the help of other family members or friends to carry your baby in a sling or carrier during the initial days and weeks. Some mums may feel comfortable babywearing after a few weeks, while for others it may take months, and a rare few might be ready within days!

Listen to your body and seek medical advice as needed. Start GENTLY: begin with just 10 minutes of carrying, then build up very slowly. This gradual approach allows your body and muscles to recover from the significant abdominal surgery.

Need a bit more help? Hannah and the Izmi team are on hand to check photos or have a video chat, to ensure that your baby is safe in your carrier and that you are comfortable and confident.