Safe Sleep in Baby Slings

Safe Sleep in Baby Slings

It's Safer Sleep Week over at The Lullaby Trust and they're talking about how to create the safest place for a baby to sleep in a way that protects those vulnerable airways and reduces the risk of SIDS and accidents.

I wanted to remind you that yes, it is very safe for babies and toddlers to sleep in baby slings and carriers, so long as they're safely positioned with their airways clear and open. Here's how to ensure that:

1. Whether they're awake or asleep, ALWAYS make sure that when your baby is in a carrier or wrap, they are

✅ HIGH enough to easily kiss them
✅ TIGHT so they can't slump down inside your sling
✅ IN SIGHT, making sure you can always see their face

2. You can use some of the fabric, or the hood of your carrier, to stabilise your baby's head while they're asleep. Make sure their face is still clearly visible.

3. There's no upper limit on how many hours per day babies can sleep in a sling or carrier - as long as they are HIGHTIGHT and IN SIGHT.

4. You should never fall asleep while your baby is in your sling. One of the reasons babywearing is so safe, is that you're able to constantly monitor them - which you can't do if you're fast asleep.

5. Avoid letting your baby sleep while in a forward facing position. Their head is likely to flop forward, which may compromise their airways. Instead, turn them to face you for naps.

Need more advice? We're always here to chat and help you get comfy and safe with your carrier. Send us a DM on Instagram, give us a call - let's get you sorted.