Why does my baby carrier hurt my back?

Why does my baby carrier hurt my back?

Probably because it’s not adjusted properly, or your baby has outgrown it.

If your carrier fits you and your baby and is adjusted correctly, it should NEVER:

1. Make your back, shoulders or neck feel sore or painful
2. Cause you to lean in any direction
3. Make you want to rip it off after 20 minutes

Making your baby carrier higher and tighter

A sling should always mimic how you carry your baby in your arms: snug and high up on your chest so they’re close enough to kiss.

Tightening your carrier (usually) or loosening it (sometimes) just a few centimetres here and there can make a vast difference. As can positioning the waistband higher up on your body. The clue is in the name: it’s a WAISTband, not a hip belt.

Making your carrier HIGHER and TIGHTER will usually make a huge difference to your comfort!

Why tightening? If your carrier or wrap is too loose or sitting too low on your body, your baby’s weight will pull away from you. Your centres of gravity will no longer match and it’ll put extra strain on your back.

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