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The Izmi Workout

Do you love keeping fit but don’t have the time since you had your baby? Are you longing to get back your pre-baby body but want to fit your work out around your baby? You can achieve these goals with our post pregnancy workout!

Izmi have teamed up with personal trainers and parents Katy and Anthony to develop a unique post pregnancy workout program that you can do with your Izmi baby carrier. Keep your baby close to you and get fit at the same time with the Izmi Workout.

Comprising of five short work out videos that give you the tools you need to get fit at home, in the park or wherever you want to, the Izmi workout is designed with you and your baby in mind.

Begin by watching these short videos by Izmi designer and carrying consultant Emily to make sure your carrier is fitted correctly before you start your workout….

Congratulations, you have completed the Izmi Workout! We hope you enjoyed getting fit with your baby. Keep repeating the workouts in the videos, the bigger your baby gets, the more intense the workout will be so you can keep going for as long as your little one fits in their carrier.

Find out if there are any work out classes that you can do with your baby in the carrier in your local area, there are lots of these classes around and you can try anything from weight training to Salsa! Your baby will love being close to you while you exercise and your body will thank you too, just remember to keep adjusting your carrier using the videos provided to ensure your baby remains safe and secure as they grow.

If you are enjoying working out with your Izmi Carrier, we would love to hear from you! Get in touch and share your pics and any tips you have for other Mums and Dads…