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Top tips for travelling with a baby

It can be easy for things to get out of hand when you’re packing to go away. Add children to the mix and your towering pile of luggage can start to resemble a jungle gym in the hallway. In these instances, we recommend starting from scratch and focussing on the essentials. Opting for a baby carrier over a pram allows you to drastically reduce the space and weight you need and is really practical when you reach your destination.


Navigating airports with children can sometimes seem daunting – with so many restrictions, check points, distractions and people it’s like a space designed for stress! The whole thing gets a little bit easier if you can have your baby or toddler in a baby carrier, trust us on this one. It means you can have both hands free for juggling passports and hand luggage and you can also hold the hands of your older children if you have them, without worrying about the baby.

Young babies are often more relaxed when they’re close to you so even if you’re in a noisy departures area or a jostling queue, they’ll feel comforted in a carrier. You can also use it to breastfeed discretely, even on a busy flight. A lot of airports do not require you to remove your baby from its carrier going through security so that’s one less thing to worry about. At least one member of the family will get door to door service!


When you arrive at your destination, it can be really useful to have a baby carrier as the benefits of having hands free continue. As well as the obvious joy of using both hands when sampling all the local delicacies (hello street food!), it also makes it so much easier to play with the rest of the family and get involved in every activity.

Not only is it better for you but it means you can take your baby everywhere so they never miss out either. Many carriers allow you to change the position of the baby so they can face out and appreciate all of the sights and smells of their new surroundings. Alternatively, have them facing towards you when they get sleepier. As they get older and heavier, you may find its more comfortable to have them on your hip or back and they may prefer to be in a different position as well. A design like the Izmi baby carrier offers you multiple carrying positions so that you can adjust it according to the holiday’s activities.

You can even use a baby carrier at the beach or beside the pool. This trick minimises your need to worry about them getting too close to the water and gives you a chance to relax. If it is made of a lightweight material it will dry quickly so it doesn’t matter if it gets wet. But please be aware that it is not safe to go swimming with your baby in the carrier.

Summer heat

Of course, enjoying the good weather is part of what makes summer holidays so fun. In hotter temperatures it’s always important to keep a close eye on your little one to make sure they’re not overheating. That’s where sun shades can come in handy, especially ones fitted with UV protection.

A baby carrier can also be a great option for sun safety as it allows you to check on your baby’s temperature easily and you can move to a cooler space whenever you need. As it’s more flexible than a buggy, you can squeeze into shadier spots or an air-conditioned restaurant without the hassle of manoeuvring four wheels. Designs like the Izmi Breeze Carrier have a mesh panel which allows for better airflow, meaning they’re super breathable and keep your baby cooler.

Travelling with children can be such an amazing experience. A baby carrier allows the whole family to be more flexible and make the most of everything the holiday has to offer. It’s an easy way to keep your baby close whilst freeing up your hands for multiple scoops of ice cream, visiting ancient monuments, shopping and everything in between. In short, all the things that make a holiday perfect.

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