12 reasons to use a baby carrier

12 reasons to use a baby carrier

Are baby carriers good for babies?

Absolutely! And they're so good for parents too. Here's why we think they're such a valuable addition to your parenting toolkit:

1. Babies feel happy and settled in a baby carrier.  Baby carriers provide a cosy, comforting space for your little one. The close proximity to you and the gentle rhythm of your movements, breath, and heartbeat make babies feel secure and content.

2. It’s incredibly practical. Baby carriers are your secret weapon for conquering everyday tasks. Make sandwiches, do the laundry, and even wrangle other kids with ease... the list is endless. Plus, they're so much less cumbersome than prams and buggies, making travel by car or public transport a breeze.  Izmi Baby Carriers and Toddler Carriers are ultra compact with no bulky padding and super easy to stash in your bag.

3. Babywearing encourages babies to sleep. Newborns in their ‘4th trimester’ who are still adjusting to life outside the womb often prefer the warmth and closeness of being held rather than sleeping in their cot. This is biologically appropriate, not a bad habit and will not last forever!

4. Babies who nap in slings are very portable, meaning you can get out of the house and get stuff done while they nap like champs.

5. Wearing your baby can support postnatal recovery, gently improving your posture and core strength. Simply walking with your baby in a carrier is a brilliant way to boost your overall fitness, without any postnatal exercise regimes.

6. A game-changer for tummy trouble. An upright, gently moving position in a baby carrier can help babies with reflux or digestive problems, making them more comfortable.

7. Babywearing supports parent-child bonding and may ease symptoms of postnatal depression. It’s also an excellent way for other family members or caregivers to build strong, healthy connections with your baby.

8. Breastfeeding is promoted through the continued close contact that babywearing gives you. It is possible to breastfeed or bottle feed in any sling, though the ability to do so depends on a number of factors. We've covered this in more detail in our post about breastfeeding in a baby carrier.

9. Babywearing is good for babies’ physical development. Carrying your baby in an upright position with the whole body well supported, as if you were holding them in your arms, supports your baby’s physical development and gives the same benefits as ‘tummy time.’

10. It’s good for their cognitive and emotional development. In a carrier, your baby can explore the world around them, engage with you face-to-face, and snuggle in for comfort when needed.

11. Temperature and breathing regulation. Baby carriers can help regulate the temperature and breathing of newborns and premature babies, particularly when they are carried against their parent or caregiver's skin.

12. Calming and Reassuring. Even older babies and toddlers find being carried calming and reassuring, especially when they're tired, teething, unwell, or upset.


So, baby carriers aren't just practical but also provide numerous benefits for both your little one and you as you embark on your parenting journey. Get ready to enjoy the cuddles and convenience!